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Mar 14, 2013 2:30pm PDT
ministers would have to decide it. and there are very big concerns when it comes to huh gary. huh gary earlier in the week had amendments to the constitution. it is the political situation in member states that will have to be discussed but it is not on the agenda. >> discussed. when you are in a crisis, it seems in europe the best thing to do is to not take action or make a decision. all right. nina, thank you very much. >> all right. back to the middle east now. at least 22 people have been killed in a series of bombings in the iraqi capitol baghdad. dozens of others were wounded. two devices exploded at the justice ministry. officials say about 1,000 people were in the ministry at the time. the attacks came days ahead of the 10th anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of the country. >> in israel the political deadlock has been broken and a new coalition government is expected to number place by the end of the day. the three main partners are planning to put phone paper within the next few hours. it will be led by the prime minister's conservative party. tell include a right wing jewi
Mar 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, people in hung gary are trying to clear roads after a snowstorm. what can you till us? >>> severe snowstorm has battered parts of sen krall europe over the weekend. let's show you what it was like in hungary. a major snowstorm battered last weekend. dozens of major roadways were blocked due to the heavy snow and about 50,000 people were ris cued nationwide. while 4,000 vehicles were recovered. the snowstorm also brought wide spread power outages to more than 100,000 people. snow eased over the weekend. but the roads are going to be still remaining closed. as you can see here in the satellite picture cloud could have raj is still there. and then it's going to be moving towards the eastern areas over the midweek. but still yet you can see this blue blob with a little bit of pink shade in around chezech republic. this is going to be bringing again another travel disturbance for the week. over towards the british isles it's going to be wet and windy. here across london and southern u.k. this is all going to be light rain. but the temperatures are still very chilly. single digits in lo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2